is Wifi safe?

There are probably limited pieces of evidence that WiFi is unsafe for humans that’s why many choose to ignore. However, there are cases of that suggest that this type of radiation may not be healthy as people may think and it’s advisable to take caution. Radiations have side effects that develop gradually over time and in most cases, they may lead to cancer.


The side effect of these radiations to small and growing bodies is a bit high as compared to adults. This is because their bodies are more vulnerable and that’s why there are many products in the market that majorly aim to safeguard babies from WiFi radiation such include baby shielding bands for pregnant moms.


A few things you can do to protect yourself and your family as well.

Ensure you turn of WiFi connection before you go to bed.

This is important as WiFi signals may interfere with the brain. Turning your WiFi off allows the body to rest fully and cuts down radiation by 30%. Most router models will have a feature that makes it easier for you to turn it off, and this is useful for this purpose.


Turn on you WiFi only when it’s in you.

Insist on connecting a few devices once in a while. This will helps in reducing WiFi exposure during the day.


Try other internet connectivity options.

It may seem a bit absurd but it’s a good idea. There are other alternatives out there you can opt for as this reduce several health complications. Moreover, you will enjoy a faster and consistent internet connection if you go for the wired option even though it involves a bit of work but it is a doable one.


There are a couple of options for you:



  • Ethernet cables- This allows everyone to get a connection from anywhere in your home.



  • Ethernet hubs- These are used just in case you want to increase the number of ports.



  • Ethernet adaptors- This helps to connect devices that lack Ethernet ports such as smartphone and tablets.




This measure also applies to other wired peripherals as well such as keyboards, mice as well as headphones as this can also help to reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation.


Take time when choosing your gadgets.

There are new gadgets such as wireless monitoring system for babie ( i have the Infant Optics DXR 8 ) Smart home thermostats etc. Such devices may seem to make life easier but they may cause serious health complications. It is thus important to take your time and do enough research before you buy them.